Frequently Asked Questions

Can I arrange my own shipping?2021-04-27T23:13:25-04:00

Yes, just let us know when you place your order.

Where is the pick up location?2021-04-28T10:15:16-04:00

Metropack, Newburgh NY. Please allow a 48 hour lead time for pick up. 845-564-5275

Are there credit terms?2021-04-28T10:14:43-04:00

No, we do not offer credit terms. Payment in full is required by wire transfer before product release.

Can I mix a case?2021-04-27T23:11:22-04:00

No, each case must be one flavor but you can mix flavors by case.

Can I mix flavors?2021-04-27T23:10:34-04:00

Yes, as long as your total minimum order is 50 cases or more.

Can I pay by check or credit card?2021-04-27T23:09:57-04:00

No, wire transfer only in advance of product release. We will contact you when we receive your order.

If I buy more cases than the top tiers listed is there a discount?2021-04-27T23:09:07-04:00

Yes, please contact us for a quote.

If Dalmatia has to ship is that added to the cost?2021-04-27T23:07:16-04:00

Yes, shipping varies by location and quantities and is added to your final cost.

Do we ship to Canada?2021-04-27T23:08:26-04:00

No, Canada requires dual language labels and we do not produce those at this time.

Can I buy product in Canada?2021-04-27T23:07:51-04:00

Yes, Contact Finica our Canadian distributor. 905-696-2790

Can I sell on Amazon?2021-04-27T23:06:22-04:00

Not at this time. We have our Amazon distribution fulfilled already.

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